Spooky but not Haunted Places on Earth

The planet that we’re living in is so huge that there are still places that are not yet discovered or places that are discovered but are rarely visited. There are also places that can totally be out of the ordinary and can be quite spooky but are not at all haunted. These places can just be so mind-boggling that it can send chills down your spine without mentioning any supernatural beings. Here are the Earth’s spookiest (but not haunted) places.


Krzywy Las is a pine forest in Poland known to be the Crooked Forest. The giant pine trees here are quirky looking because of their unusually crooked shape. The unnatural uniform alignment of the trees can give you a spooky feeling of being inside Alice’s Wonderland. Despite the crookedness, the trees are generally very healthy and go up to 50 feet tall.


This serene lake in the outskirts of Tanzania has a lot of reason why we consider it spooky. First is the striking red color of the lake from bacteria that lives in its waters. Second is the very high temperature that can reach up to 60 Celsius. Third is it has a very high soda and salt content that can calcify any animal that comes near it. Only a few creatures can withstand the alkalinity of the lake that’s why you can see a lot of birds that were not so lucky enough to fly away. The effect? They are now as hard as rocks but perfectly preserved up to the last detail. These calcified animals on the lake are so eerily beautiful and you can see them getting washed to the shore as if a warning of what the lake offers.


The striking contrast of the cloudless blue sky against the orange sand dunes towering over the white dead marsh is a spooky place to be yet very appealing to nature and photography enthusiasts. Because of the lofty sand dunes, the highest in the world, this supposed marsh was drained of any nutrients or moisture from the river leaving the trees to dry up, too dry to even decompose so they are now left black in this lifeless desert.


The closest and safest place you’ll ever be to South Pole is the Slope Point of New Zealand. One of the main attractions here are the permanently warped patch of trees brought about by the fierce Antarctic gusts. It is considered to be one of the windiest places on Earth so no wonder these cypresses are bent to odd angles just to keep up with the windy assault.