Spooky but not Haunted Places on Earth

The planet that we’re living in is so huge that there are still places that are not yet discovered or places that are discovered but are rarely visited. There are also places that can totally be out of the ordinary and can be quite spooky but are not at all haunted. These places can just be so mind-boggling that it can send chills down your spine without mentioning any supernatural beings. Here are the Earth’s spookiest (but not haunted) places.


Krzywy Las is a pine forest in Poland known to be the Crooked Forest. The giant pine trees here are quirky looking because of their unusually crooked shape. The unnatural uniform alignment of the trees can give you a spooky feeling of being inside Alice’s Wonderland. Despite the crookedness, the trees are generally very healthy and go up to 50 feet tall.


This serene lake in the outskirts of Tanzania has a lot of reason why we consider it spooky. First is the striking red color of the lake from bacteria that lives in its waters. Second is the very high temperature that can reach up to 60 Celsius. Third is it has a very high soda and salt content that can calcify any animal that comes near it. Only a few creatures can withstand the alkalinity of the lake that’s why you can see a lot of birds that were not so lucky enough to fly away. The effect? They are now as hard as rocks but perfectly preserved up to the last detail. These calcified animals on the lake are so eerily beautiful and you can see them getting washed to the shore as if a warning of what the lake offers.


The striking contrast of the cloudless blue sky against the orange sand dunes towering over the white dead marsh is a spooky place to be yet very appealing to nature and photography enthusiasts. Because of the lofty sand dunes, the highest in the world, this supposed marsh was drained of any nutrients or moisture from the river leaving the trees to dry up, too dry to even decompose so they are now left black in this lifeless desert.


The closest and safest place you’ll ever be to South Pole is the Slope Point of New Zealand. One of the main attractions here are the permanently warped patch of trees brought about by the fierce Antarctic gusts. It is considered to be one of the windiest places on Earth so no wonder these cypresses are bent to odd angles just to keep up with the windy assault.

Challenges of living with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction comes with a lot of challenges for men living with them. Even in circumstances where the issue is as a result of physical problems, erectile dysfunction can cause issues in relationships.

Erectile dysfunction can affect any man regardless of if he is gay, straight, transgender or bisexual. This article would aid in keeping you informed about some of the challenges of living with erectile dysfunction and other things you should know about ED.

What is erectile dysfunction?

This is a situation whereby an erection can’t be gotten or kept by a man. It is experienced by a majority of men in a period of their lives, and it could be as a result of psychological or physical issues.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction
Physical problems could consist of diabetes, heart disease, elevated blood pressure, diabetes among others. Smoking, hard drugs and alcohol can also result in erectile issues.

Worries about finance, work, family, relationship and even worry about the inability to attain an erection could be causes of erectile dysfunction.

Common feelings experienced by men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

  • Feeling insecure
  • Feeling of low self-esteem
  • Fear of getting intimate with their partner
  • Fear of getting into a new sexual relationship
  • Feeling less like a complete man
  • Feeling aggression and anger
  • Feeling guilt due to the dysfunction
  • Feeling of shame
  • Feeling anxiety and worry about inability to provide satisfaction for their partner

The following are some of the challenges faced by men living with erectile dysfunction, they include;

Impact on self-esteem
Suffering from erectile dysfunction can be overwhelming for a majority of men because great sexual performance makes up a major section of the self-esteem of men, it can be a big blow to a man suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can make men become unsure of themselves and stay away from sexual relationships which only enhances the pressure they get from the issue which may have been treatable.

Destroys social relationships
Aside from posing as a threat to the relationship of the man with his partner, erectile dysfunction can have an impact on the way a man relates to his co-workers and friends. A man may lose his morale, confidence among others.

These issues could lead to a reduction in work productivity due to the lack of confidence. Because erectile dysfunction is not something most men can proudly talk about in the open, most men may feel alone and suffer in silence.

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A Closer Look at Viagra

There are many reasons people choose to use Viagra. Some of these reasons include reducing the wilting of cut flowers, protecting underweight babies, helping people suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon, helping multiple sclerosis patients, preventing jet lag, help saving unconsummated marriages, and more.

Viagra has been on the market now for many years. There are various reasons people use Viagra, including recreational purposes. Most of the above reasons for using it have not been proven, so it is best to not use Viagra any of the situations listed. Erectile dysfunction is the only clinically proven reason to use Viagra. If you are interested in improving your situation with erectile dysfunction, you should certainly consider Viagra.

As stated above, people often use Viagra as a recreational drug or aphrodisiac. Because of how unsafe this is, it is not recommended. Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient in Viagra, and is only meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This chemical helps to relax the smooth muscles of the penis by releasing nitric oxide and improving the blood flow, facilitating an erection.

It is very likely that you may not face any side effects of sildenafil immediately when you take Viagra as a recreational drug, but the long-term effects may harm you.

To help achieve and maintain an erection, or enhance sexual performance, Viagra should be taken an hour before activity is planned. Destruction only be used under the direction of a physician who writes you a prescription, and for no other reason.

Since Viagra’s introduction to the market, it has been considered a pioneer drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There have been many other drugs that followed suit much later. Even with competition, though, the popularity of Viagra has never been weakened. It is still, after all these years, the number one drug prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

There are many things that have caused Viagra to become so popular. In fact, it has become so popular, that it is considered a household name. Even with other drugs, over-the-counter or prescription, that have come out since the time Viagra made its name, Viagra still ranks number one on the popularity chart. Some believe Viagra’s popularity is because it was the first drug of its kind on the market, because it gives great results, or because of how affordable it is. Regardless, Viagra is admired by many and has become the rage of many older men throughout this country.

The ins and outs of Viagra

It is certain that I miss everyone is heard about Viagra. Viagra was the first prescribed medicine that showed authentic and significant efficiency for most patients that suffered with a dysfunctional erection. Viagra helps to promote the sexual stimulation that comes along as a natural response of an organism.

Viagra works by the quantity of blood flowing through a penis that allows the man to have a natural erection. In fact, the reason Viagra is so popular and an indisputable novelty, is because it operates in a natural manner bring on an erection.

Viagra is both efficient and effective. Of course, Viagra works differently on different men. How effective Viagra is for an individual man depends on the kind of erectile dysfunction the man has. With vascular erectile dysfunctions, Viagra has been proven quite effective. Where there is a pathological venous drainage, though, the effectiveness of Viagra is not nearly as good.

Viagra does not cause an increase in sexual desire, it merely increases the amount of blood that flows into the body of the penis. It does not help to turn a man on or raise his libido in these situations.

Of course, one question is how the sexual norm should be defined. For a man to be considered sexually healthy, he needs to be able to have and preserve an erection which will allow him to have sexual relations and finish them successfully. If a man is already considered healthy sexually, and finds that Viagra helps to improve his erection, it is likely that he may be suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction.

There are some doctors that should be consulted before a man begins to take Viagra. A sexual pathologist or urologist should be sought out for consultation if a man believes he may need Viagra. It is also good to be examined by a therapist or cardiologist to have any heart diseases excluded. If there are any chronic diseases found, the appropriate doctor should be seen before using Viagra.

Once you have been prescribed Viagra, the only thing you need to do is to take one pill around an hour before any sexual activity. The drug will typically begin to work around 30 minutes to an hour after taking it. For quick results with Viagra, it should be taken before eating. You should never take Viagra more than once a day and only take it when you plan to have sex.

Using Cialis for Erectile Dysfunction

It is estimated that around 150 million men from all over the world suffer with erectile dysfunction. Many experts look to the drugs Cialis to help solve this problem and help men get back to a normal sexual life. This highly effective drug can undoubtedly help many men get back to a healthy sexual life.

Cialis was first used in the countries of Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Great Britain. It has also been used extensively and effectively and New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Cialis helps men to normalize their sexual life as it opens opportunities for them to deal with their erectile dysfunction. This drug is effective for more than one day at a time.

Cialis has become a go to drug for men all over America and Europe who are suffering the effects of erectile dysfunction. This drug can help treat any man with erectile dysfunction, despite the degree of severity. A 20mg dose is recommended before any sexual activity regardless of whether you have eaten or consumed alcohol.

Cialis works by inhibiting a class of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5. It selectively and effectively blocks the phosphodiesterase-5 while it promotes the relaxing of lissosphincter cells and increases the blood flow to the penis.

Because of its unique ability to inhibit the phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme, the effect of Cialis is known to last more than one day. In fact, many men have noted the effects of the drug lasting up to 36 hours. It is important to know, though, that erection will only occur when a man is sexually stimulated. This means that the partners can continue their regular rhythm of life instead of planning their sexual activities around taking this drug. If you take the drug in the morning, can still do your job throughout the day and take advantage of the drug’s effects in the evening.

Cialis has also often been prescribed as a strong contraindication when taken with nitrates that are used in the therapy of cardiovascular diseases.

Cialis has been used in more than 60 clinical researches on over 4000 men that volunteered to participate and has been proven to be a safe and effective method of treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, over 81% of the men in the tests have shown an improvement in their erectile function. This drug has been shown to be effective with men of all ages.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Levitra

Have you heard the saying that erectile dysfunction is a part of getting older? This has become a common debate, but is only a myth. In fact, aging has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. Of course, as a man ages, he may need more stimulation to get an erection, but that doesn’t mean that he cannot get an erection or enjoy sex. Medical science has proven that a man of any age can get an erection. For those who want to have sex in the later years of their life, they should know there is no reason they cannot fulfill their sexual urges the rest of their lives.

If a man is either repeatedly experiencing a bad erection or is not able to keep an erection long enough to finish sexual activities, it is usually a sign of sexual dysfunction. This kind of dysfunction is because of health factors and not because of old age. Many times, as a man ages, it may be necessary to adapt sexual activities to some degree, but if their health permits, people can remain capable of enjoying intercourse. Some of the problems that can also lead to erectile dysfunction include atherosclerosis, hypertension, and diabetes. Each of these problems have a solution, though.

Levitra has been shown to significantly the problems related to sexual dysfunction. In fact, it is one of the few drugs that have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Verdenafil hydrochloride is the main substance found in Levitra. It is a very active substance that helps to increase the speed of blood flowing into the penis, stimulating the penis naturally and resulting in a longer lasting erection. Many men have found Levitra to be more effective than the other erectile dysfunction drugs available on the market.

Levitra is prescribed as an oral medicine. If you have any health factors related to hypertension or the heart, you need to discuss those with your doctor. In some clinical trials, some men experienced side effects such as a stuffy nose, constipation, or headache. These typically went away once the body was used to Levitra.

There is no reason to worry about not being able to enjoy sexual activities as you age. If you, at any point in life, find that you are having problems getting or maintaining an erection, talk it over with your doctor and consider giving Levitra a try.

Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Do you tend to shy away from women because you deal with erectile dysfunction? Is your erectile dysfunction or erectile impotence causing you to stress out? Erectile dysfunction has been around for many years, yet only in the past couple of decades have people really become aware of it.

Erectile dysfunction is many times seen as more of an emotional problem that a physical one for men. This disorder is referred to most commonly as ED. Erectile dysfunction, in simple terms, is an inability of men to repeatedly get or maintain an erection for sexual fulfillment throughout intercourse.

There is a very precise series of events required to get an erection, and if there is a disruption in any part of the series, it leads to dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction typically occurs when there is damage to the smooth muscles, arteries, or nerves of the penis. Some lifestyle activities can contribute to erectile dysfunction as well, such as lack of physical activity, consuming liquor excessively, obesity, and smoking.

Mental or sensory stimulus, or both, can initiate an erection. The local nerves send impulses to the brain which leads the muscles in the corpora cavernosa to become loose and permit blood to flow through and seal up the spaces. The blood that is flowing through will then generate pressure into the corpora cavernosa and cause the penis to expand. The blood is locked into the corpora cavernosa by the tunica albuginea, sustaining the erection.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction can include the inability to have an erection during sex or while masturbating, the inability to maintain a firm erection for sexual intercourse, or the inability to keep an erection for long a enough time for sexual intercourse.

According to Wikipedia, some of the physiological factors for erectile dysfunction are diabetes and vascular disease. There are some psychological factors as well, such as guilt, anxiety, and stress. These psychological factors tend to make the physical factors worse.

Erectile dysfunction has been shown to mostly affect men ages 40 to 65. It is not necessarily an inevitable part of aging, though. There are many medications, thanks to the advancement of medical science, that are now available to effectively treat erectile dysfunction. These medications work differently for everyone.

Some of the drugs available these days for erectile dysfunction include Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis. Each of these drugs work by using the same principle, by increasing the flow of blood into the penis when a man is sexually stimulated to help cause an erection. These drugs are prescribed orally and are all approved by the FDA. Seeking the recommendation of a doctor is the best way to know what will work for you.